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Frenchie Bar À Vins

French Bar A Vins menu

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Greg Marchand is taking over the Rue du Nil, in the 2nd arrondisement in Paris, and believe me, you’re going to want to go see what all the fuss is about. The original restaurant, Frenchie, is virtually impossible to get a reservation for (reservations open up three weeks ahead and sell out within hours). Marchand received a Michelin star in 2019 so I assumed it was one of those places I’d hear about but would never get to experience. Ah, but that’s where it’s good to have friends who know (and are willing to share) a slightly different avenue to pursue.

Frenchie Bar À Vins. It’s just across the street, doesn’t take reservations, but if you just happen to be hanging out casually in front about 6:15, when the doors open, you can act pleasantly surprised to be asked in. You’ll enter a tiny dining area with a tiny kitchen visible at the far end that sends out amazing food.

Within fifteen minutes, all the tables were filled. I was immediately intrigued by the menu and was sorry we couldn’t order one of each item listed (but seriously, how much food can three people eat?)

We chose Gougères made with sheep cheese and Espelette pepper, Zebra tomatoes & lemongrass tart, watermelon sashimi, poached oysters, and duck. The first part of the menu, titled ‘small,’ are perfect dishes for sharing, giving each person one or two bites. The ‘meat and fish’ section gave us slightly larger portions, but nothing that would overwhelm. I appreciated that because I did want to try as many different things as I could, but knew I wouldn’t have room if the servings were too large. That’s the way I love to eat. Small, perfect bites of a variety of dishes.

Truly delectable. All interesting flavors, and seasoned well. We asked our waiter to suggest a wine, and he served us an organic white that was the perfect pairing.

And Frenchie and Frenchie Bar À Vins are not the only reasons to visit Rue du Nil. Go during the day and give yourself time to wander up and down the street to visit the épicerie, the butcher, the bakery, and the fishmonger. It feels like you’ve left Paris and arrived in the perfect little French village filled with stores that just happen to have all the best quality ingredients. Indulge yourself by buying a few, and go home and create your own very special meal!


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