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It’s Official- I’m now a published author- YIKES

So I thought I was done on Sunday and ordered a hard copy proof of the book….and saw the various typos that were still there! Then I fixed those and then we found more…. It makes you realize that no matter how many times you look at something (and others look at something) that it’s […]

Manuscript is SO CLOSE!

We received the hard copy proof from CreateSpace today– how cool is that! I did find a couple of small things I want to fix, so we’re headed up to the computer to make the changes, re-download it, and it will then go to! The Kindle version is a little more complicated so that […]

Manuscript update

Sorry for the delay in posting. Time to get this manuscript published! I have two potential agents that have not responded, but I’m frankly tired of waiting so I’ve decided to move ahead. I have a beautiful cover, designed by some very talented friends, so that’s done. I need to find a copy editor to […]

The Manuscript

The agent said my manuscript was “plausible and publishable”- WAY COOL! But she said it won’t appeal to her publishing houses…..bummer. On to Plan B- try a few more agents, then, if rejected, self-publish! I’m actually not discouraged since she wrote such a nice comment!

Quick Update on the Manuscript

Drum roll….. the manuscript is officially on its way to a potential agent! I made final edits, added a prologue, and sent it off with all fingers and toes crossed. In an attempt to continue to build “buzz” for the book, I will continue to “tweet” regularly (my handle is martyalmquist) and will also continue […]

The Important First Page

I love to browse in book stores when looking for something new to read (a pleasure that is going the way of the dinosaur, unfortunately). My tried and true method for deciding whether to buy is often a quick read of the first page. It’s not foolproof- I have gotten books home that, once I […]

The Manuscript has arrived!

Well, I got my second draft back from my FABULOUS editor and now it’s time to get the last “clean ups” done and write my mega convincing cover letter to the prospective agent.  I’ve got my blog up and running to start to get some publicity, and have just started a Twitter account- martyalmquist is […]

Learning new “stuff” can be very tough

We just got back from visiting our son in New York. He’s in culinary school and is finding it both overwhelming and yet also incredible.  In talking to him about it, my husband made a great analogy. “It’s like learning a language. At first, absolutely everything is new, so your brain is completely overwhelmed by […]

What I’m Reading

Books I LOVE about all things Parisian I am always being asked for recommendations of books on Paris– places to visit, recipes, and just fun books to read that are set in Paris. So I decided to set up a page on my Blog where you can go to see the books that I enjoy […]

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