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A neighborhood in Paris, France with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Image compliments of

Emily in Paris is following me!

In November, in a wander through the Marais, we stopped at a charming little restaurant, Le Temps des Cerises. We ate escargots (among other delicious dishes) and after lunch continued our way down to the Seine. A month later, I was catching up on watching Emily in Paris, Season 3, and in Episode Two, imagine […]

Musee Maillol – A hidden gem on the Left Bank

You’ve been to the Louvre. You’ve been to the D’Orsay. You love them, I get it. But there are SO many smaller, lesser known museums, that offer the chance to discover something new. One that Peter and I recently discovered is the Musee Maillol. Do you know it? It’s a 10-minute walk from the […]

I’ve decided on my next career– translating French menus

The last time Peter and I were in Paris, we were going to see Véronique Sanson in concert at the Olympia ( (see my blog post from February of 2015) So, before we went to the concert, we decided to eat across the street at the Capucine Café ( The food is absolutely wonderful and […]


Part 2: A restaurant is only open for lunch and dinner (not breakfast) and is more formal in its offering. No sandwiches, no salads as main courses. They  offer a selection of entrees (appetizers), plats (main course), and desserts. Lunch, in Paris, is generally between 12:00 and 1:30 and dinner starts at 8:00 – at […]

Cafe or Restaurant- what’s the difference?

Part 1: Cafes: Anyone who’s been to Paris knows that most streets have at least one corner cafe. Sometimes they are called “cafe,” sometimes also “brasserie.” A cafe is a place, traditionally, that has a stand up bar area and seating outside. It’s open in the morning for people to get their first espresso and […]

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