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David Lebovitz

Happy New Year! I wanted to share one of my favorite Christmas presents: “My Paris Kitchen” by David Lebovitz. I have been a fan of David’s blog for a couple of years, but did not, until now, own any of his cookbooks. This cookbook is a wonderful combination of story-telling (like his blog) and recipes […]

Traveling to Paris, at least in my mind

I can’t physically be in Paris nearly as often as I’d like, so I love it when I find things that give me that “warm and fuzzy” feeling of being there, even when I’m still sitting at home. Sharon O’Connor has done that for me with her packet of French Cafe music and recipes:   […]


This is the notebook I had when I lived in Paris my junior year. I kept track of my budget in it (movie- Sonate D’Automne 10 francs, crepe, 2,50 francs, lunch, 24 francs) and I wrote recipes in it. The tradition in my family’s house was that the formal meal on Sunday was at about […]

I’ve added a new page for recipes!

The first recipe is for French Yogurt Cake. I was told, when I lived in France my junior year, that it’s a staple in French households and one of the first things everyone is taught to cook. I love it and it’s incredibly easy. I figured I’d create a recipes page so it’s separate from […]

A notepad with the original crepe recipe as written by my French mother.

What I’m Cooking

French Yogurt Cake I was told this is a staple in every French kitchen. My French mother, when I lived in France my junior year, gave me a version of this recipe using a small individual yogurt container as the measurer for the yogurt, the sugar and the flour! I had forgotten it till I […]

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